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X1 mount question

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quick question....

the screw holes on the bottom of the projector....

what size/type of screws fit those?

i am making a ceiling mount and do not want to drop the projector :)
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The screws are M4's (4mm). They screw into the projector about 10mm, so get 20mm or so for the projector to attach to whatever you're using.
be very careful with them screws, you could screw up your X1. It's a bottomless screw hole and some have cracked or shorted out the pcb's in the X1. You should browse Technuts website!
Make sure you are careful not to go any further than 10mm or damage may result- this is fully covered in technut's FAQ:

thanks a ton!

but why ould they use bottomless screw holes?
Originally posted by spyd4r
but why would they use bottomless screw holes?
Now that is a good question. It's a small flaw in mostly a good design. Let's hope that they rectifiy it in the X2/4805 models. I used several washers on my M4 screws to ensure that they wouldn't go in too deep.

If you don't want to mess with trying to do it yourself, try buying Mandarax's mount. I did and it works great with no hassles. The screws fit fine and is quite adjustable. Just a thought. I am not affiliated with Mandarax in any way, just a happy customer. For the price, I just don't think it is worth doing it yourself. Just my opinion.
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