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Ok, tried the X1. (Upgrade? from a Sony VPH-1270 CRT Projector)

Pros on the X1

- Really sharp picture with progressive input from my DVD player (I'm seeing stuff like, wow there are pockmarks on their face, and oh look at that food on the table you can see the steam coming up from it.)

- Great color, after calibrating with Avia.

- Really damn bright picture.


- Wife sees the rainbows all the time. I see them very very infrequently.

- Although the contrast ratio is really darn high, the black end of the contrast ratio, isn't nearly as black as my CRT projector.

- Although fairly quiet, my CRT, with hushbox is much quieter. I'm going to need a husbox regardless of which projector I end up with.

Can anyone suggest a few projectors that might be in the sub 3K range, that would solve my above negatives?

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