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x1 problem

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dear friends ,

my x1 (which is two months old ) on turning it on i could on see four shining dots and a very dark grey oval shape ., when the infocus guy came over and he confirmed that the picuture control card was spoiled they changed it in about 2 days , now when i power the unit the infocus logo flashes inverted for a neno second and then gets displayed as it should , after the lamps is warmed and the picture has reached its full brightness if i wait for about another 4 min. the entire picture starts to flicker and this happens everytime i turn on the projector. (which never happened previously)

further at random interval this flickering takes place and i have confirmed that it not a problem with the dvd player as the x1 menu also flickers also further more since evrthing else in my setup is the same prior to the repair of the unit i know the fault is in the x1 , the engineer also confirmed that they had cleant the lamp housing , and that they would send someone over to clean the lead of the lamp ( whatever that meanss?)

any thoughts from you good people to solve this problem will be highly appriciated

thanks in advance....faiz
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That does sound like a lamp flicker problem, and it could be the bulb or possibly a problem with the lamp ballast.

If it is just the bulb, they sometimes settle down on their own after some more use. But if I were you I'd ask them to replace the bulb if it doesn't settle down before the 90 day bulb warranty expires. If that doesn't fix it, then they should replace your lamp ballast under warranty.

It sounds like they are giving you pretty good service, so I'm sure they'll sort it out for you.
I feel your pain -

I too am having the flickering issue. I have had my X1 for about a month, with about 60 hour on it. In the past week or so, I have noticed the brightness flicker after about an hour of use. The flicker will continue for another 20 or 30 min intermittently before it gradually stops.

I emailed Infocus about the problem - they said it could be a bad ballast or power supply and would have to ship my projector to Kentucky for warranty repair - where there is a given 15 day delay due to a "warehouse transition" . The lametastic fact is that I live 30 min away from the Infocus headquarters, where I was hoping to send my projector.

Interestingly enough, I did not notice this issue until after upgrading to firmware 4.3, but I believe that is just coincidence.
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