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X1 vs Benq PB7220 shootout

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Tonight mate had his new PB7220 round to check on HTPC if the bodgey messy artifacting occured he was getting from his STB and DVD player.

Well it didn't so it seems video input on this is poor (scaling/deinterlacing or something)

Anyway we did some comparing vs the X1

The PB7220 i think ispretty much the 6200's big brother with more brightness.

(he is using it for out door larger screen stuff)

As it is too bright for indoor movie viewing we balanced its brightness to the X1 (which we both agreed is about as bright as would want) using an ND4 filter.

Source is HTPC with Radeon 9600 pro graphics.

Filter - Dscaler MPEG 2

FFDShow settings: 2 x PAL 1440 x 1152 Lancoz 10Tap resize with full luma sharpen.

PC res set at 1024 x 576

Source viewing. HD and PAL SD/DVD

Viewing ONLY of 16:9 material on 86inch 16:9 screen.

(benq res then 1024 x 576 X1 800 x 450)

Without the ND filter the PB7220 even in econo mode is a canon, WAY to bright to be watchable :) Bright and whtie areas have "crawlies" galore.

With the ND filter these "crawlies" are heavily reduced but still exist to a much smaller degree. The X1 does not really suffer such, only very minor on rare occation.

With 576 SD DTV and DVD sources the units are suprisingly close. Colours are very similar, full black quite similar (the benq perhaps "just" tipping in better here, the ND4 helping here, without it the x1 is blacker).

Detail: Suprisingly even give the res advantage of the Benq it is very close. On HD material, yes a little better, but it certainly does not stand out, one does have to look, on SD near identical. (this suprised me)

The thing here is that the X1 + FFDShow easily topped the Benq with just "native" playback, no FFDshow. This indicates to me that more detail can be achieved with a decent lower res PJ if the source equipment and processing can do a good job, ie a HTPC + FFDShow.

With FFDShow working for both units on 576 PAL damn near identical.

The benq has a little more "impact" in the brighter areas of a sence, sometiems this is a bit "glaring" in some seens but in others gives it a touch more depth than the X1. (Though X1 has 1400hrs, not sure if this makes difference?)

The benq also had an advantage of native res from the PC so zero scaling. I always run 1024 x 576 to my X1 so its no concern, testing sees the X1 is excellent scaling, and 800 x 450 is not a usable PC desktop.

Overall a suprising result. The x1 certainly hold its own for a 2-3year old obsolute model at 1/2 the price or less of a current higher res/spec unit.

The X1 could provide a "cleaner" image with less artifacts (Benq with the "crawlies", and also some tearing on fast movement), The Benq having a big brightness advantage for outdoor/bright lit viewing which with an ND filter sees the unit still ussable in full black conditions.

The benq had a very very slight detail advantage, but this is no comparison on what the a good "processing" source can provide to either unit.

On video source, ie S-Video/Component there is no comparison, the X1 is still clean and good picture, the Benq utterly pathetic in comparison. I guess a prog scan DVD and HD STB would see it closer to the HTPC here, but if one has interlaced gear..... forget getting a Benq projector (unless there are models with better chips etc?)

He is going to test it with denon 2900 in pro scan to confirm.
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