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i know the new update adds support for h264, but most of my movies use x264. does anyone know how i can go about playing these through the 360?
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I think x264 and h264 are the same thing. If you convert the x264 files to a container format that the 360 accepts, like mp4, it may work.
I have been driving myself crazy trying to get some TV shows I have in 720p x264 mkv format to work. I have had no luck so far, but here is what I have found out so far:

1. I extracted the video and audio streams using MKVExtractGUI and that gave me a *.h264 file for the video and a *.ac3 file for the audio.

2. I checked the .h264 file using MediaInfo and it says it is "1280*720 (16/9), AVC ([email protected])

3. I think the ""[email protected]" is my problem since it has been said that the 360 only supports up to level 4.1

4. The easiest program I have found to convert my file has been Super, but it keeps getting an error when I try to convert the file in Vista.

Hope this helps some people. Just because a file is encoded using h264 or x264 doesn't mean it will work with the 360. I can't believe how much time I've wasted trying to figure all this crap out. If only MS was more open to allowing different codecs....

This is why my XBOX 1 still gets lots of use... XBMC!
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x264 is just one implementation of H.264. ie. x264 is H.264.

However, Level 5.1 does not work. Depending on your software, you could limit x264 to use 4.1 only, but that'd mean re-encoding everything if you've already encoded it using level 5.1.

Also, AC3 in .mov or .mp4 does not work either. AAC is what they specify, and even then only 2-channel AAC will work. There are some QT videos with 5.1-channel AAC on Apple's site, and they don't work in the 360, but the ones with 2-channel AAC do.
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