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Originally Posted by saw2814  /t/1523826/denon-x4000#post_24517744

I have an x4000 that has worked great for most of the past 6 months. Lately I get distorted sound out of the center channel at times. Sound is good then gets crappy. If I turn off audessy the distortion goes away. Sometimes I can put audessy back on with no sound issues and sometimes not.

I am thinking that if I did a processor reset and rerun audessy setup I may just get lucky and have my trouble go away.

Thought I would see if the many experts here agree or have an other/better ideas.

Also how do I do a reset of the processor or full factory reset?

Thank you for any and all help.

For the record I did try a search but since a gypsy cursed me in the '90s I suffer from search impotence. Thankfully it didn't strike any further south ;-) .


NOTE: When things get wonky on a Denon I think it is a good idea to try a SOFT reset FIRST by just unplugging the unit from the AC power and then waiting 30 seconds or so and then replug back in and power back up. This alone can sometimes resolve some issues. If that does not work you can then try the HARD Microprocesor reset.

The following information for Resetting the Denon X4000 back to Factory Settings (Microprocessor Reset) can be found in the Owners Manual on page 225.

1 Turn off the power using POWER BUTTON.

2 Press POWER BUTTON while simultaneously pressing INFO and BACK.

3 Once the display starts flashing at intervals of about 1

second, release the two buttons.

*** If in step 3 the display does not flash at intervals of about 1 second, start over

from step 1.

Below is some Information from the Denon Support site about initializing the Microprocessor:

Initializing the Microprocessor / Resetting the Microprocessor

Published 08/16/2007 10:40 AM | Updated 12/04/2013 05:18 PM

When do I Initialize the Microprocessor / Reset the Microprocessor and why?

Although you'll rarely need to "initialize the microprocessor" under normal operating conditions, there are a few cases the microprocessor may temporarily freeze or lock up. When this happens, simply follow the guidelines in the back of your owner's manual to "reboot" the microprocessor and restore normal operation.

If you experience some unusual behavior -- a channel that's suddenly silent, "forgotten" level adjustments, some eccentricities in your unit, this could be a sign you may need to reset the microprocessor. Of course, you should check all connections carefully first. If you've eliminated connection and setup errors as a source of potential problems, you may need to go through the initialization process.

The procedure will be listed as "Initialization of the Microprocessor" or "Resetting the Microprocessor" as each unit has its own individual protocol for reset. The reset procedure is usually listed towards the rear section of the owner's manual, but you will see exactly what page this procedure can be found on by looking at the "Table of Contents" in the front section of the manual.

There are several issues that can cause a unit to improperly work or freeze up, such as a jolt of static electricity or a current surge through an input. When you do initialize the microprocessor, please remember that this erases any saved settings you may have previously programmed into the unit. As a tip, if you write down your preferred settings BEFORE you reset your unit's microprocessor, you'll have an even easier task of setting up the unit after the reset occurs. With Networked models, you can use the Web (Browser) Control feature to back up your settings by saving a configuration file on your hard drive. How to use the Web Control feature is also listed in your owner's manual. For this feature, we recommend using Internet Explorer as the browser.

In the event you do initialize the microprocessor without saving your settings, please refer to your owner's manual for instructions on any setup tips.

*Note - If your owner's manual does not have the reset instructions due to age, please contact Denon Support directly by phone (201-762-6665) or by email:

Hope this helps!

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