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I received my XA2 early today and am playing with it all day. I hooked this extremely well-built unit (at least 12 pounds) to my 60" Sony Grand Wega (KF-60WE610) via Component. I also hooked my A1 to the same set via component so I could do some A & B comparisons. Right now I'm mainly interested to see the difference between their SD DVD playback.

To date I am extremely happy with the SD DVD playback from my A1 and X1 machines, so much so that I'd sold my Denon 3910 on ebay.

I made backup doubles of some of my favorite movies so I could do this test -- The AX2 WILL NOT upconvert protected DVDs over component, as is also the case with my A1 and X1. I varied movie types from B&W, old color movie, and a great quality transfer of a new movie.

The XA2 does play these movies with better quality. The difference to the untrained eye will not prove dramatic, but to many of us nitpickers, the difference is substantial. Skintones are a dead giveaway, as the XA2 tends to do a great job with fleshtones. My wife also commented on how great an old B&W movie (Hell Drivers) looked. She loved the black in the dark areas (without a loss of fine detail), which really gives the overall image a nice punch.

I did try an A & B with Serenity (HD DVD). The XA2 is incredible with HD. One must actually see this baby in action, as I feel words alone won't do the experience justice.

So far, with a lot of jumping between scenes and such, the unit is playing flawlessly. I also did not see any signs of judder or sync problems. Hopefully this will remain the case.

Load times with the XA2 are quicker, this is really apparent with this type of hookup, as one remote is controlling both units.

If anyone wants me to try anything while I have this hookup, please feel free to ask.
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