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With the latest firmwae updates, I wonder if there have been any changes on component out on the XA2 when HDMI is ALSO connected..

Can you get any picture on the XA2 (from component video) when you are running 1080P via HDMI to your main display?

I ask as I have a small LCD monitor in my equipment room that I'd like to send a video signal to while the main display (via HDMI) is running 1080P60 from my Xa2.

The manual states no video at all via component when 1080P via HDMI is in use but when 1080i is in use, you can get 1080i over component...

I am wondering if later software updates may have changed this (e.g. I'd like to get 1080i or any lower res if possible)..So, is there any video from component with the latest software when running 1080P via HDMI??


(***Also, did I read that the XA2 does NOT output 1080P60 correctly or there is some sort of scaling error)??
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