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XB360 and 480p projector

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Here's the deal. I currently have a 32 inch panasonic hdtv crt. It's pretty nice, but I've been thinking about buying myself a projector as a graduation/birthday present. I'm primarily considering a refurbed infocus 4805, or a brand new optoma h31.

I'm wondering what people's impressions have been in playing an xbox360 with either of these projectors. Specifically, how painful is it to play an xbox360 at 480p after experiencing it in 1080i or 720p? The projector would be used for probably 80% xbox360 15% dvd's and 5% standard definition tv.
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I own an h31 and watch HDTV it looks great even at ED resolution. IMHO I would buy a 720p unit. The Panasonic ae900u sells for about 500 more (after rebates) than a new h31. If you can afford it you would have a true HD machine for your 360.
I've played my 360 on a z4 and on a 4805 and I find the quality to be similar.

If I saw them side by side, I may be able to notice a difference (and I'm sure the resolution snobs will chime in at some point insisting there's a huge difference), but I'm very happy with my 4805's performance with HD games and don't feel like I've lost much of anything compared to the z4 I owned for several months.
I've been reading up on the differences between the lcd and the dlp projectors. Does really all come down to contrast and brightness? I mean, a Sanyo z2 is only a little bit more expensive than the optoma h31 or the infocus 4805. But if I understand correctly, I would be spending a few hundred dollars more for poorer picture quality but a higher resolution?

I've played computer games in lower resolutions in order to enhance the picture quality, so if the cheap 480p dlp projectors give a better picture quality than any lcd projector which streets for less than 1500, wouldn't the less expensive dlp projector be the one to go for? Would I be correct in assumming that to maintain the picture quality of say, the 4805, while increasing the resolution, I would have to spend at least 500-700 more?
Contrast can contribute quite a bit to the depth of the picture. With higher contrast the shadows will look more detailed and add more of the three dimensional look to the picture. I have used a standard Xbox, and an Xbox 360 via composite, S-video, and Component to see the differences between the sources and connection types. The 4805 is a very impressive little projector. However, I would also recommend a 720p projector if you will be using an HD source 80% of the time. You can find some good quality HD projectors for right around $1500. Some will be even cheaper after rebate.
I would stay away from the Z2. Sanyo is not honoring their warranties because of a potential design defect and blaming the users for not cleaning their projectors.
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