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Xbmc and Myth - anyone just using episode links?

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I've been playing with XBMC beta 3 and now 4 and I like the overall interface. I've also tested the addon mythbox but it doesn't really integrate myth into the xbmc in way that I would prefer. I found using symlinks that are setup as the xbmc tv show guide suggests:

show name folder -->Show Name.S01E01

(where S01 is season 1 E01 is episode 1, etc all in the same show name folder)

Xbmc pulls the artwork and images from thetvdb.com and everything works as expected, just like the movie folder using same skins, etc. Long story short, anyone using any tool to build symlinks that could be built as per xbmc tv show guide? I've looked at jamu, fillmythmetadatabase, etc. and none do exactly what I want - they move files and rename but they require season/episodes and scheduledirect only half-ass supplies the season/episodes and some of them are wrong.

It looks like I may have to hack my own program but sometimes I think it easier just to manually create the links - I've already tested this!

Mythbox looks very nice but its look and feel is different from the rest of the system plus it calls ffmpeg which is problematic, at least for me it was. I tend to take a simpler path!

I'd appreciate it if someone has a simple solution.
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A follow-up, as it turns it was trivial to setup the links. I used tydb_api.py to find the season / episode numbers, I then updated mysql database with the correct numbers, then created the symlinks - all written in python. My Xbmc setup is now almost complete!
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