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XBMC and XP - problem !

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...I've just connected my PC to my LCD TV and installed the PC version (I'm using Win XP Pro)of XBMC .... runs pretty smoothly and looks OK - BUT -

in VIDEO - How do I get it to play more than one video file (AVI/DiVX/MPG etc)

I can't select more than one file - I just want to play two or three files simultaneously from a selection...

I can't highlight more than 1 file at a time to play.... (not like XP where you can click and select a whole list or selection from a list....

Frustrating .....
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....When I press this key all it does is move the highlighted file/film title down to the next file below it.... ?

Does not add it to a list or queue for playing in sequence.... !
it added it to the playlist.

if you toggle to the playlist view you will see that.....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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