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I've been playing around with XBMC live a bit in anticipation of a new HTPC build. I have no real Linux experience, but the live CD seems easy enough to work with. I've searched around both here and on the XBMC forums and haven't found the answer to one question.

How would I go about adding a full-featured web browser to an XBMC live install? I know there was a linksbox plugin for XBMC on the Xbox, but I'd prefer something a little more robust that can handle flash web video. If there isn't a plugin, could I install a proper browser as a separate program and somehow switch between XBMC and it?

I know Flash support under Linux isn't great, but it doesn't have to be for my needs. I don't need anything demanding like Hulu or Netflix, just to be able to look up stuff that catches my interest while watching a show, or watch clips on Youtube.
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