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Xbox 360 and Surround Sound

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So I have a 360 and a crappy TEAC Surround Sound receiver (AG-D8900? looks right...) that I bought off Craigslist in my basement that does DTS but for whatever reason won't output 5.1 from the XBox regardless of what settings I use on the receiver. It connects via Optical Output - works fine on Stereo - not at all on Dolby Digital. I've tried every setting on the stereo and the Xbox - its doesn't work.

I've given some thought to getting a different crappy surround sound receiver from Craigslist (these things don't hold their value well at all - you can get them used for $50-ish) but I wanted to make sure it could actually handle the 5.1 signal coming from the XBox.

Is there any sort of compatibility list or is there any way to know what receiver will work and which ones won't?

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If a device supports Dolby Digital (AC3) then thats all there is to it. There is no other level of compatibility.

What happens when you try to send the receiver AC3 from the Xbox? Is there any sound at all? How is the Xbox set, and what kind of digital audio setting are you using on the receiver? Is the digital audio on the receiver mapped to a specific input? On mine, the orange coaxial and optical toslink are mapped to the Video 2 and DVD inputs.

Are you going direct from the Xbox to the receiver, or are you sending the audio via HDMI to your tv, and then using an optical cable out of the tv to your receiver?

Do you have a bluray player, cable box, or other source component you could try sending digital audio to the receiver, just to rule out the receiver as the problem?
The only way I could get my old Xbox 360 to play in Dolby Digital was to run it through a switch, which extracted the digital audio signal from the video signal, ran the HDMI cable to my TV and ran a Toslink into the receiver.
I ended up buying a new receiver - works fine now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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