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Xbox 360 Elite no source on BENQ w1070 projector with HDMI cable

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Hi all,

Last week I bought BENQ w1070 projector.

It works great when plugged in to a PC/laptop - bluray movies look absolutely amazing :)

However, I am having issues when connecting it to my Xbox 360 elite (year:2009) with HDMI cable cos the projector does not see the source. (Note: the same HDMI cables were tested to connect the projector to a laptop and they worked OK)

So far I've tried:
- different HDMI cables
- changing resolution on both (I've tried changing the display settings even on a connected projector, with no vision)
- enabling/disabling display discovery on the xbox
- powering on/off the machines - in many different combinations/sequences
- downloading and installing the latest software/updates on my xbox
- restoring system settings on both
- I am also in-touch with both, BENQ and Microsoft support (I've spoken to 5 different poeple) - no news there :(

I have even gone as far as page 10 on Google search to find the resolution but no luck! :confused:

Has any of you ever heard of such problems? I don't want to use a component cable as it will downgrade the picture's quality (I intent to play on an 80 inch screen).

Thanks a lot for your help!
Anna :kiss:
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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