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I recently purchased a HD-DVD add-on for my Xbox 360 and believe it to be defective. After hooking up the player to my 360 and going through the install, the disc would not spin up.

Now, the first time I turned it on and tried to open the tray, it only opened about 1/3 of the way and made a horrible crunching sound. I gently pulled it the rest of the way open and then it opened and closed normally (albeit slowly).

When I put a disc in, the disc would not spin up and the only option the 360 gave me on-screen was to eject the disc. It didn't give me a read error, but it didn't spin up. I tried this with both the included King Kong disc and a rental from Netflix, so theoretically, it's not the disc.

Any thoughts or is this just a defective unit? Anyone else have this problem?


Randy Stewart
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