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Ok I would really appreciate anyone who can help me with this. I've recently changed which TV my Xbox 360 Elite is connected to, mainly because a room mate of mine moved out and took his TV, a Samsung 46" LCD, with him. I now have a Toshiba 40" LCD, but when I connect my Xbox with the HDMI cable I get no audio and instead of HD resolution options I get PC like options (640x480 etc.). Now I also have a Vizio 26" LCD, which use to work just fine with my Xbox using HDMI connection, but I tried it recently and have the same problem.

At this point I thought something was physically wrong with the Xbox, so I decided to take it to my former room mate's new place and see if I got the same problem. Well I connected it and it worked fine. So I tried lowering the resolution before I brought it back home, but when I brought it back it still has the same problem. I have called Microsoft several times and got nowhere. I've tried the Y button & right trigger reset, I've tried changing HDMI cables, and which port it plugs into. Mind you I have no issues with my component cables, but I really would like to have it connected using HDMI.

Is it possible this has something to do with the NXE update?

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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