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XBox 360 Media Center Customization

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Is there any way to customize the look of the Windows media center extender in XBox 360? I've used it for a couple years but it sure is bare bones and ugly looking. Would be nice to have poster art and metadata displayed. Any pointers? I've looked around but searching only seems to lead me to discussion on XBMC.
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Head on over to the HTPC section, it is very helpful.

You obviously have 7MC running on a PC, so that is where the customization would take place. Then the Xbox 360 acting as an extender will replicate the look you have from 7MC.

I personally use MediaBrowser as an add-on customizable media player, this handles all my media, meta-data, information, etc. Then to customize the actual look of 7MC, themes, strips, etc... I use Media Center Studio.

Good luck.
Oh, I didn't realize that customizing on the PC side would alter how it looked on the Xbox. Interesting. Thanks for the help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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