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Ive run into a problem with my 360 not seeing the playlists or music that is added to my wmp 12 library. Im not using the media center function for this, just going to the music section, selecting my pc, and then playing the music I want.

The part that is most frustrating is that this has been working just fine for several months. I have no idea what has happened to cause it to be broken now. I have noticed that the only way I can get my 360 to see any content, is to move it to the 'Music' folder under the user account on my c: drive. I did a test by dropping my playlist files in there and they are immediately accessible on the 360, but of course they dont see any of the music contained in the playlists. All of my music and playlists are stored on an external hard drive that I keep plugged in. The drive has been added to the wmp library and Ive checked the sharing and streaming options to make sure its all still enabled. As far as I can tell, it all looks normal.

Its as though the 360 cannot see my external drive anymore and only sees what is the 'Music' folder. I wondered if I could refresh or rebuild the library to fix it, but rebuilding the library didnt change anything. There was a point in this process (when I was trying the 'apply media changes' function) where windows actually came up with a detected error (the library was listed as corrupted) and said that it had fixed it by rebuilding the library. There must be something else I need to reset/rebuild to restore access.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?
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