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Anyone else having problems with the Xbox and video streaming services? I have Redbox Instant (free trial) and the Xbox is the only platform I have that has an app for it right now. However, I noticed I was not getting HD quality but only got SD streams- the quality meter shows 4 out of 4 bars but the "HD" logo never comes on.

Thinking it was Redbox only, I left it for a couple of weeks, but ended up renting a movie on Vudu yesterday in HDX and got the message "doesn't look like you have enough bandwidth for HD, would you like to switch to SD?" I logged out and logged back into Vudu on my Blu Ray Player and instantly got HD for the entire movie. Afterwards, I went back to the Xbox and also tried Netflix and got the same behavior as the Redbox and Vudu apps. I also verified this is not the case with Xbox Live movies, they stream in HD just fine.

Anyone else have this issue?
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