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Xbox as progressive dvd player

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I am interested in using my xbox as my dvd player. I own a CRT RGBHV projector 1920X1080 50khz. I know they do not just hookup to each other. I know I need to deal with the Key Digital or XboxVGA.com adapter. I also hear that I need to install a mod chip and EvoX in order to enable progressive output for dvd playback.

First, which adapter Key digital or XboxVGA.com is better for picture quality?

Second, how will the better of the two options compare in picture quality with a stand alone dvd (Keep in mind I can not interface directly via component or DVI I need RGBHV)?
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The XBOX does not work as a progressive scan DVD player.

That functionality was removed at the request of the motion picture assoc, due to the fact that the XBOX didn't put out MacroVision in progressive mode.

It does work as an adequate interlaced DVD player... Just use the S-Video connectors you can buy.
with the correct mod chip and patch you can supposdly enable progressive out.

DualTriAmp did you ask this question in the home theater forums? If so have you checked that link I gave you?

Found it

"Just saw posts on other forums about doing a simple Hex Edit of XBoxdash.xbe to make your DVDs play in Progressive Scan mode.

Open xboxdash.xbe in an hex editor

search for : C7 46 28 20 00 00 00

replace by : C7 46 28 40 00 00 00

your Dash is now in progressive mode only

Tested on a 3944 dash.

Enjoy !!!

Edited :

For those without a DVD dongle, a little patch for DVDRegionX 2

83 C8 02 C1 E0 04 -> 83 C8 02 C1 E0 05

et voila it's progressive too.

Edited by ProgressiveScan on Sep. 24 2002,02:50

Credit goes to ProgressiveScan on another board. and the forum was xboxhackz.net"
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