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XBox ? for new Theater Room

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I'm in the process of building a home theater room in my basement that will have a front projector and 92-95 inch screen. When complete I would like to add a Xbox to my set up. I thought this forum might be some help on how people have their system set up. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping to get help so that when I get the gaming system it's ready to plug and play.

1. If I build a stage in the front of the room that will have all wires running through it, what connections do I need besides a electrical outlet? I currently have Road Runner Internet as well so I would need a connection for that as well.

2. If I put system in equipment rack in the back of the room, what do I do about controllers?

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm open to other suggestions.

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For the XBOX you are going to need component video cables.

As for controllers I would say go wireless. The logitiech is a good controller. Only downaside is when you play live, finding a wireless headset and microphone may be an issue.
I have a HT with my components on a shelf above the couch. I wanted to keep the screen area as "clean" as possible and this was the easiest solution.

I have my PS2 and XBox on one end of the shelf and the controller cables (have an extender on the PS2) are plenty long enough to use at any spot on the couch.

For RR you will need to run some Cat 5 to the XBox, not at all hard to do. If you go to Home Depot they can sell you the cable and ends you will need and I *think* (I own one) rent you a crimper. Then just run the cat 5 from your router/hub to the XBox. (there are wireless solutions as well, but much more costly than running even a few hundred feet of cable)
Don't forget optical for the sound.
Thanks for the replies. I think I have what I need.

Set of components

Cat5 for network connection

optical for sound

electrical outlet

This would all be easier if I just put in the equipment rack.
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Do you ever plan on doing a Home Theater PC of some sort? It may not be a bad Idea to run a PC type cable just in case.
To use the component cables and optical cable with the XBox, make sure to grab the Advanced HD AV pack. XBox comes with your standard RCA AV outputs.

As far as the controllers go, I agree go wireless unless you want to play on Live. If you do, you'll need to run some extenders for the hard wired controllers.

I have my components to the right side of my seats, so the consoles are close enough for the wired XBox controllers. On the other hand, I really do prefer my wireless Wavebird controllers for my GameCube.

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