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Xbox linux

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Hey Guys:

Just wondering whether anyone had tried using a modded Xbox running linux as an HTPC? I know the Xbox can play DVD's without any mods, but though that maybe the scalers available for linux would give a better picture. Wasn't sure if the hardware was up to it, however.

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The scaling is done by the gfx hardware in any case, no? You will have to check if the X server for the Xbox (nvidia chipset?) supports Xv, in which case it is probably implemented in hardware.
I think it would probably be better to use the built in dvd player over linux. In linux they have to work around the tv encoder chip where as the built in dvd player is meant to work with it. XBMC has some filters in it so that might be something you want to try.
Your probably better to use MythTV on the Xbox. Ready packaged distributions are:




Although the gentoox one seems to be under much more development. I don't think the Myth integration with a backend server has been completed on the Gentoox one but it's apparently coming real soon.
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