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Hi All,

Currently I run Xbox one HDMI to TV, Xbox One optical to PX4 headset and HDMI ARC from TV to Soundbar F551, however wife and kids are playing more games lately so after some better sound and with this setup I can only run stereo to soundbar as I get an error due to no digital audio passthrough I think, Samsung PS64F5500.

The question I have is, If I run the HDMI from the Xbox to the Soundbar, then HDMI from Soundbar to TV, Will i see any slowness in games, lag or any other issues as its no longer going directly to the TV?

I know receivers work like this, but there is not much to a soundbar, and wondering if its powerful enough, or is good enough to do this with no issues, sorry not much knowledge on this.

and im guessing I will get digital audio this way? and would I then choose the ARC HDMI channel on the TV when I wanted to Play xbox? I currently use HDMI 3, but ARC is 2

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