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Hi all,

Just went through the xbox one forum and didn't see any post related to this particular issue.

Right now i have a denon 1513 with xbox one connected via hdmi. I currently have the latest updates for both the receiver and xbox one.

When I have the 5.1 uncompressed selected multi channel in shows up(i want this). The issue I have is that the audio will only come out of the right speaker. No idea why it does this.

The only way i am able to get sound out of the center speaker is by using stereo uncompressed.

I have also tried the bitstream output and I have the same issue with the audio only coming out of the right speaker.

I have been racking my brain and I am at a complete loss.

Every other device I have functions correctly (apple tv, cable, Blu-ray player)

I would appreciate any help regarding this issue.

Thanks again.
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