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Xbox redesigned Component cables

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Don't know if his has been posted or if it is old news, but MS has redesigned the component cables for the xbox. They are like the Monster brand cables, no more box/dangle, and they are the same price as the old pak. The digital connection is on the back of the plug that connects to the xbox, and then it has compenent and stereo audio cables running from the plug. they seem to have a good quality build to them as well.
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How does this new adapter handle the optical digital audio cable? I guess this explains why they were in such short supply.
Directly in the back - no adapter or anything needed (a la Monster 400x). The build quality does look a ton better. Of course, there is no ability to run your own cables or do custom length runs without putting in a female extension. There is a thread over at www.xbox-scene.com in the audio video forum with pictures. When they first appeared some of us were thinking that someone had made a knock off and put it in MS packaging but it is confirmed legit.

Here is the link: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=292319
Hmm... I don't know if this is such a good set-up. I don't really think that the old Xbox connectors were that good, but at the same time, having the optical connector all the way near the TV is probably not so good for most set-ups.

Most people I know have their Xbox somewhat close to their sound receiver. I don't know how people will manage their home set-up with these new cords.
i picked up the new microsoft xbox hd cables last week. had to go to 5 different stores (everyone was sold out of the xbox hd cables) before finding a set at best buy. the xbox hd cables must be on short supply because ms probably stopped production of the old cables a while ago and is only now introducing the new version of the cables. i was surprised to find the new version of the cable without the breakout box. the cable seems to be of fairly good quality, although i was expecting to use separate component video cables with the xbox. anyways, seems to work well, although i didn't realize how horrible the xbox's dvd playback PQ is in comparison to a standalone progressive dvd player until now by comparing my dvd player and xbox with component video connections.
Any idea on how the new Xbox HD cables compare with the Monster version?
I was looking around for weeks at my local stores for the HD/AV pack and finally found them last Friday at Best Buy. I was beginning to wonder if they were available ANYWHERE, but this clears things up.

Glad I got the new version. But it took me longer than I'll admit to find the optical digital plug at the base. No performance problems so far - build quality seems pretty decent. Fable in 480P and widescreen is damn cool (even though it isn't supposed to be WS).
Just chatted with Microsoft, and they basically said they have no knowledge of this new design.

I have a second adapter on order (backordered 2 weeks), and will see what arrives, but I predict it will be the old design.

There are 2 probable scenarios.

1) It is a fake product (probably produced in asia) and even though the build quality may seem good, god only knows what actual cables were used to produce it, and it could just end up as a faint burning rubber smell as you wake up to the odour of smoke in your house.

2) It has been produced by MS China (who as far as I know do not currently sell the XBOX in that country) without telling MS USA, and gray imported by an enterprising company.

Would love to know the true answer, but Microsoft will not even give me a contact person who can answer the question, and I cannot be bothered to chase this anymore.

Having lived it Asia for more than 10 years, I beleive it could be either scenario.
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from the xbox-scene thread, it shows the packaging and it looks like authentic MS stuff to me. of course, it does say "made in china" on it

And I'd be surprised that the recent availability problems of the old MS HD cables coincided so well with the release of this new version. I suppose anything is possible, but I'm highly doubtful that this is "counterfeit" in any way.

So, I'd add a third scenario:

3) It has been produced by MS in China, and it's official hardware
I had originally thought they might be a grey market or bogus product but too many large mainstream stores seem to be getting these in. Is it possible that your contact at MSFT just isn't in the loop or doesn't know the right people to ask? That's a big company and obviously they are outsourcing production of these so it might be hard to figure out who exactly has responsibility.


In regards to quality, what crippled the origial MSFT pack (at least if one accepts that some people could actually tell the difference) was the use of the low quality breakout box. The stock cables were horrid but even with near reference cables attached (read: several hundred in cables, far better than the cables on the Monster 400x HD pack) it improved but not beyond the 400x quality and several who did this comparison with high grade cables felt it didn't even get to that level. Neither the Monster 400x nor this current new offering is real high quality cabling. Given that the new MSFT pack seems to have decently built cables like the Monster I imagine there would be little to no difference as the breakout box is gone. That said, this will crush demand for the Monster pack as it is only $19 and you can use a stock Toslink cable without purchasing the adapter. Of course, a lot of people saw no difference no matter what they did so mileage varies and of course there is always the chance that everyone who saw any difference (even those who didn't feel that reference cabling brought the original MSFT product up to par) have a delusional preference for the Monster 400x over their own high end cables.
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I was communicating with the MS Xbox hardware support, and since there are only very few genuine MS xbox hardware accessories, I presume they know what they produce (at least in the US).

Having said that, they seemed to give too many stock answers:-

"if there was a new product we would be the first to know"

"if it's not on the website we cannot comment"

"I suggest you hold off buying and wait for more info"

Has anyone actually asked one of the retailers selling this item if it is original MS stuff, and where they are getting it from. I think that would answer everyone's doubts.
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I don't know man. MSFT packaging and blister packs look 100% legit. Nationwide chains (Best Buy etc..) have buyers that interact at fairly high levels. I just don't see the possibility that the buyers for each chain simultaneously went out of their normal channel to buy from someone selling bogus stuff overseas and now it is all over the nation in many major chains all at exactly the same time. I've never seen anything like that happen. More likely no one told the customer service people and they aren't equipped to communicate up the chain and figure it out. I've seen that plenty of times.
well typing in the model number from the pic of the back of the box brings up this google result X08-53570-01

and a quick trip to the HDPack manual revels the model number to be X08-65304
People, I'm positive that these cables are legit, the labeling on the box reads almost exactly like the old one. When I happened to see then at EB, I almost thought it was the Advance video pack from a afar, but upon closer inspection saw that it was actually an HD set. I questioned it my self for a moment(especially since I could not see the optical connection) but since the box look just like all the other MS cable paks, and was with the other MS cable paks, I went ahead and purchased them.

I'm sure that this is clear a case of the MS rep not being informed. I'll post my own pictures when I get home today, providing my wife has not thrown out the packaging material.
hdiesel1977, would be good to know if the part numbers on your box match those of the pictures posted on xbox-scene. Both on the green packaging, and the barcode label, since they are different (see below).

psycho, the advert you found on google has the same part number as the new cables, but the picture looks to be that of the old "box" type.

just checked my exisiting "box" type, the model number is X08-25301 and also "made in China"!

The item I have on order (which shows a picture of the old "box" type) says the Manuf. Part No. is K03-00007 same as on the barcode label of the "new" box pictures!

I am guessing ChrisFB is right. MS have changed the design, and product number, but not given either merchants or their support staff any details of the changes, so the merchants still advertise with pictures of the old design, but customers will get the new design delivered.

Will wait and see what arrives, but don't expect to get it for about 3 or 4 weeks.
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to be honest, i can't believe there's even a question as to whether these cables are legit. trust me, they are. just give it a few weeks to enter the mainstream. most stores in my area have been out of the ms hd pack, no doubt because microsoft was transitioning to the newer version of the cable.
If there will be a difference in visual quality Ill pick them up.
I just bought the set and the build quality looks identical to the monster.
Sorry I don't have pictures, I was too tired to fool with my camera last night after class, but I checked the part number section of the box and it said:

1002 Part no. X08-53570-01

there were 2 bar codes on the box and they read

K03-00007___________________ 8 05529 96577 5

Made in China
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