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xbox widescreen problems

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Ive had an xbox, hd kit, and 16x9 tv for some time now, and never had a problem. All of the sudden, my xbox sends a widescreen image, but my tv doesn't sense it as widescreen, so i have to stretch the image to fit. The XBOX is set for 16x9, and even when I unplug is and plug it in again over and over, the problem isn't fixed.

This happens with games that used to send a full image to my tv that my tv would recognize as 16x9. Any idea why?
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What kind of TV do you have? TVs that "sense" a 16x9 non-HD signal are very very rare.
most new television will auto adust the aspect ratio on 480i provided that the signal contains the information.
well, even with an HD signal from Halo it no longer auto senses it.

It USED to sense it and adjust, and now it won't.

It's a Toshiba Cinema Series 57"

For some reason I thought Halo output 720 at 16x9.

I guess I'm just retarded today.
plus auto aspect DOES NOT work with anything other than 480i
SO I will have to stretch no matter what?

What about my dvd player... its doing the same thing... even though it's set to 16x9 I have to stretch even anamorphic
None of my X-Box games have 16:9 support, so my widescreen gaming console experience has strickly been anamorphic widescreen 4:3 signals from my PS2 games.

Will X-Box games always send out a 16:9 signal with widescreen selected ingame, so I can just leave the projector on Native ratio and no more stretching manually by selecting 16:9 ratio?

Or do X-Box games also use the anamorphic 4:3 trick?
Some XBox games are true 16:9 if you set up the dashbaord correctly.

ex. NFL Fever 2004 shows significantly more information to the left and right in Widescreen mode.

Halo unfortunately is not 16:9. It is 4:3, so your TV was never "sensing" that one.
Yes Xbox games use the anamorphic 4:3 trick, which is not really a trick because it's just a flag that's missing.
Ok thanks. I knew Halo was 4:3 only because the native image didn't look squished and there's no in-game aspect ratio option.

I call it a trick I guess because I like to leave my projector in native mode, thus I have to manually switch to 16:9 mode ( I don't like 4:3 stretched, unless it's suppose to be). Also, a 16:9 signal will produce a slightly larger picture on my 4805 in native mode than either a 16:9 or anamorphic 4:3 signal in manually selected 16:9 mode.

So with X-Box it could go either way. I'll just check game to game then.

Thanks again.
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