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I recently purchased a used Sony XBR2, from a friend that works in the A/V industry. Walked away with a hell of a deal, but once I hooked it up with the hr20s from directv the picture looked like garbage. The best way to describe it is that everything looks like its somewhat of a cartoon. For instance, you're looking at an image of the sky and you can see the different shades of the sky, as if something is set wrong on the tv or there isn't enough color to display the image smoothly.

I will post pix later to show this issue. I even hooked up my PS3 to it and you can still see the colors being off. Its like when you're on your computer and you turn down the Bit quality on your display and you start to see where the shades change color instead of being smooth.

What could it be? Could it be that the service menu was messed with? I checked out the settings and calibrated it to settings I found on AVS. Or could it be something is wrong with the tv? The tv does have manufacturers warranty still on it, so i could always call sony.

Sorry for the long post SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
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