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Hello, I was wondering if someone here might be able to help me. I am sorry for such a long post, but I am so frustrated with my tv right now. I use my tv as a monitor for my HP laptop. Basically my problem is that when viewing some hd material, the screen will randomly go black when the playback starts, the screen will turn black for about one second, and everything on the display will be different. For example, if I go to a youtube video, playback is fine. If I click fullscreen (in youtube) and hit play, the problem appears. The colors are different, the screen seems to be over stretched so I can't see the top of video, some of the sides or the bottom of the youtube control bar. Sometimes if I exit fullscreen in youtube the problem is still there, the tabs in google chrome and half the start menu are off the screen.

Some things I have noticed: The different colors and sharpness are because the TV is actually randomly changing the Picture mode. What I mean is if I am viewing something other than youtube or an HD video, and I click the picture button on my remote, I can toggle between "text" or "video" picture modes. If I hit this button after the problem has appeared and while the screen is stretched, I instead get a full list of things I can change, such as changing the picture mode from vivid, custom etc, sharpness, color etc.

Changing my PC resolution makes no difference, I have tried 720p, 1080p and everything in between. Starcraft 2 works fine with none of these problems running in HD. Xbox used to run in HD just fine before it broke.

The thing is, THIS DIDN'T USED TO HAPPEN. And sometimes it randomly will not happen, but I don't know why it does or does not happen.

What it seems to me: is that for some reason when I view some HD material, the TV thinks the input signal is changing in some way so it switches everything around, but this just ends up screwing everything up for me and is so irritating. Has anyone seen this? Can anyone help me fix it? Clearly it is an issue with my tv and my pc, but the TV is the one changing settings around, my pc isn't doing that. If there were a way to just force my TV to stop changing things for no reason I would be so happy.

If someone could help me with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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