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OK so here's my problem.

I just got a new HDTV LG LD550, it does 1080p, and all the standard inputs.

I tried connecting my pc with an XFX 5770 video card via HDMI.

The resolution was set to 1920x1080, and i noticed the pixels were not as crisp as it should be.

I then switched to the VGA input on the tv. Using the dvi-vga connector the tv now displays 1920x1080 correctly, everything is super crisp.

How do I get my HDMI to display like this. Is it a setting in windows, or through ati's video card, or something on my tv. Im not sure exactly how to fix this.

Here are a couple of pictures i took so you can see the difference.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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