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XG-85 or EH 8500?

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I'm deciding between an NEC XG-85 and an Electrohome 8500. Price is about the same, which would you recommend? and why?

Also I'm a newbie so other than having someone come and set it up, ease of use is improtant, but not at the expense of image quality.

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Also does anyone know if either of these would fit into a Lexus sedan (leather seats) . Not mine unfortunately. Just a relative that is in the area of these proj's can drive it to me on her next trip here.
the marquee will be easier, but the xg will have better colors unless you filter the 8500.
Do all 8500's have ACON? cause I don't think this does. If not, is it still easier than the XG-85?
Not all 8500's have ACON. The 1 at the end of a model number usually means ACON, but I've seen ebay ads tout "4101 with ACON" even though the sensor is obviously missing. I guess it originally came with ACON, and maybe the case decal still says ACON, and maybe the controller card is still in the unit, but the sensors are fragile, and must be removed when shipped. Instead, they usually bend and break in transit. So alot of ACONS are tango uniform.

ACON is fun, but I wouldn't let it be a decision point.

It takes 3 minutes to learn the screen and 3 minutes to run the ACON. Plus I usually run it a couple of times if it misses a corner.

However, I can step through a manual Guided Convergence in about the same amount of time.

I like the ACON just because it's fun to watch and I like the logic behind it.

But I now prefer manual touchups.

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No they don't. But it's still a lot easier.
I doubt i'm gonna filter the 8500, so the XG gives a better picture? Does the XG-85 give the same picture as the XG-1365LC?
maybe you should hold out for an lc. maybe a 9" :) If your like me you will sell your first couple of pj's, chasing. maybe you skip all that and just buy a 9' lc first. If I were starting over knowing what i know now I would get a 1292 and do rear projection with it. For me,today it would be the most cost effective. My second choice would be to find an 8500 lc with bad tubes for cheap and refit it with 9" tubes. This Is based on my personal budget constraints and the fact that I have an adjoining room to my theater for rear projection. Either way you will be very happy with the crt projector.
is there much difference between the 8" and the 9". I heard from 7-8" is a huge jump. but from 8-9 is not muchm and not worth the extra dough.

why the 1292? why not an NEC or an elecrohome 9"?
price. 1292's seem to be cheaper because they are noisy. noisy wouldnt matter doing RP. I think a 1292 with minimal wear can be had for around 3k.
How well does the PQ of the 1292 compare with the EH 9500?

About your original question..I would go for the e-home unless you have someone to help with the NEC..I had one and it is a bear to set up.

BTW, you live very close to my hometown of Suffern.
I don't know whether this is heresy, but as an owner of a XG75, the only significant advantage I've been able to see of the liquid-coupled units is much reduced halo-ing in scenes with very dark backgrounds and very bright objects--basically night scenes with bright moon/stars, Star Wars type space battles (although it's harder to spot in that context because the perspective shifts quickly), glowing fish deep underwater, etc.

And these sorts of scenes are pretty rare in most movies.

That said, I'd easily pick liquid-coupled XG over mine, tubes being roughly equal and the price delta being reasonable, because the more you watch, the pickier you get...
Speaking of heresy, has anyone seen the proj's and the infouces 7200 DLP , can you compare?
if lc wasnt better they wouldnt have bothered making it. not my quote. Ive never seen a 1292 but i have a 9500.1292 is newr than a 9500, sony makes quality gear. I would guesse the sony is a bit sharper than a stock 95. xanatos has 1292's I think they have component inputs wich is a plus.
I've got an XG-85 and I'm very pleased.

Just for fun, here are some un-retouched (crop and resized only) screenshots from Sunday night.
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I love this PBS stuff.
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