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XG Singal Entry

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I must be a masochist, but I decided I could improve the XG setup I've done in the past now that I have HD and can reap the benefits of it.

What I would like to do is store my settings after I have the physical settings done. I'd like to use another location after I get the geometry done. I'd like to use a third setting to backup the final product.

When I've had multiple signal entries in the past, I was never sure how to manipulate one over the other, or which the XG would choose. It would only let me work on the one that was locked in.

Once it's created, I'd like to use the "good geometry" setting for normal values. How does one work on multiple signal entries having the same refresh rate?
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I get asked this alot and a good question.

The XG looks at the top of the signal entries first and will lock onto the first one listed that matches. You can use the 'entry move' function to relocate the signal entries to fit your needs and open up a filled spot if needed.

If your using 'direct entry access' you cant really move these around if your using a RS 232 control device to select a 'direct' lock on to a designated scan line in the first top 10 signal entries.

If your not using that function then disregard.

If you have a well tuned signal that looks good you can go to the bottom of the signal entry menu and select 'store to default' for that signal freq block. It will use this information in case of a 'unregistered signal' and give you a better start point if the signal falls into that block.

You can also copy this signal entry back in the 50s line for safe keepings if you need it. The projector will not select that line if you have a signal close up further in the signal entries. If you dont then it will use it.

If you have the same refresh rate you can select 'direct entry access' in the settings menu to lock onto any of the first 10 signal entries by holding down the CTL button then hit the number that the entry is located on.

This will also work for different aspect ratios 4:3 or 16:9. You select the line to use and it will force the projector to that signal entry line and memory.

Pretty smart projector if you understand all it does. Doug
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Thanks, Doug. I'll give this a try.

I appreciate the input. Certainly can't get a high level of understanding from the manuals.
Thanks Doug!

This worked great.

Its all in the projector, its pretty darn smart. Doug
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