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This may not be the best forum for the question, but it seems that people around here are pretty knowledgable when it comes to all sorts of audio needs.

I run a company that hosts workshops, typically at hotels. We have a Shure BLX14/CVL systems for our presenters use. We try to tap into the hotel house sound systems without a mixer, but often have troubles with their system being too quiet or too loud. I'm trying to find a very small mixer, preamp or something that will allow us to better control the volume.

I have very little knowledge on what we actual need, or what will even work for us. It needs to be small as we are often in 5 different cities in a week flying between each so we have to be able to pack all of our equipment into our carry on.

Most house systems are an XLR plug, I believe that is the best way to keep it (although we often go from 1/4" instrument port of our BLX14 to the XLR house sound).

Anyone have any suggestions for a small piece of equipment that will help solve our issue?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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