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XM receiver for motorcycle

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I have a Honda Goldwing GL1500. I am wanting to add XM radio to it. What is the best receiver for this?


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Your best bet is to use a head unit that has the XM capability integrated into it. I believe the newer goldwings have actual car radio slots. right? Just go down to walmart and pick up one for less than $130. Then call up XM and get it activated.

If not that, then I'd suggest stearing clear of the Roady2 (or Roady) for that matter. There is no rugged or low-profile way to attached it to your bike, and still have it be removable. So, my suggestion would be to get the latest "neck wearable" receiver. It's on their website. Not the cheapest thing, but you can jack in your communications (rider to rider headsets) with much ease... Then carry it into work also. You'll have to figure out the user controllability (with gloves on) for those longer cold drives.

I do not yet know what antenna the wearble pice has, and if it's reception is good in the hills of the smokie mountains.

BTW, what goldwing club? My folks where in one for north AL, and they took trips into TN often.
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The following link is for a device I use to easily attach my Chatterbox to my handlebars. It allows for very easy removal of my chatterbox in about 5 seconds...so you could do the same thing with the Roady. Not sure about the attenna, but that's something you could figure out.


Works like a champ for me and got the Chatterbox off of my helmet.
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