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Hiya AVS,

I recently swapped from an X-Fi ExtremeMusic PCI card, to the Asus Essence STX.

I'm using Denon AH-D7000 cans.

Ok, as a disclaimer, the Essence not only blows away the X-Fi line, but it actually makes me (for the first time) realize that even a modest headphone amp/DAC can produce an enormous improvement in sound quality. I'm far more familiar with home and car audio, and as such I never expected such a small cost to boost the quality as much as it did. It improved the sound of the Denons, as much as going to the D7000 from a budget pair of Senns did.

Anyways, the point of my post was to ask what others are using for settings, on their Essence.

So far I have it set to 2 channel, headphone, Dolby headphone. GX and gaming enabled for games (with limited testing), and only Dolby headphone enabled for movies (with it also enabled in Power DVD when playing BD movies).

I haven't a single complaint, and only kick myself for not swapping over to the Essence sooner, but as good as it is I'm expecting that others have tweaked it to be even better.

Share your Essence STX settings so that I and others may benefit from your experience.
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