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Hey guys.

Have just purchased An Asus Xonar, hdav1.3 As well as the Sony Muteki 7.2System:


Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe


Sony MUTEKI Home Theatre System - 7.2 Channel, 1695W RMS, Full HD, HDMI - Black, (STRK7000 + SSCRP7000)


"Dell S2409W"

Connection Diagram.

Gigabyte 8800Gts 512mb (DVI to HDMI adaptor) > HDAV1.3 HDMI Input> HDAV1.3 HDMI output>Sony Muteki (Audio)>Dell S2409w (HDMI) (Video)


Can't get the thing to work. For some reason the signal is intermittent. The system will work perfectly some times (both audio and video displayed, clear no delays, perfect) but not others.

During start up the Dell monitor will Switch between standby mode, and power on mode several times. It seems as though the monitor is receiving some signal for probably a period of 2 seconds. However the screen then switches of and goes back into standby mode. This tends to repeat for a period of 2-3 minutes. It then gives up, and im left with a blank screen.

As I said this problem is intermittent, and some days it works perfectly, others it takes 20 computer restarts in order to get the screen to work.

I have tried connecting the HDMI output from the xonar directly to the dell (bypassing the amp) works fine (every time).

I also have an Xbox360 connected to the amp, via HDMI. Never any issues. Picture is picked up within seconds consistently.

I am using Windows 7x64. Beta drivers are up on asus website for the xonar. They don't appear to be buggy to me.

Has anyone had any experience with these sorts of issues before? Any help or input would be appreciated.

Cheers -

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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but did you ever get this sorted? I'm having the same problem with a Yamaha receiver, the HDAV 1.3 and the same graphics card.

Anyone have any ideas? Think it's probably something to do with the HDMI handshake
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