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XR-V1900 YPAO Question

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Here is my setup:

Mains: Polk RTI A7's

Center: Polk CSi A6

Surrounds: Polk RTi A1's

Rear Surrounds: Polk M3ii's

Running YPAO sets all speakers to Large except the Rear Surrounds. Is there a way to retain the Euqalizer settings produced by YPAO and change speaker size to ALL Small? I like the sound of the YPAO Equalizer settings but in a Manual Setup, the frequencies available do not match the YPAO settings. I think with the 3900 you can designate speaker size prior to running YPAO, but not with the 1900. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Sorry brother wrong forum. Try them boys in the amp reviever section.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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