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XR55 Black or Silver

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Would like to get this receiver. I have not seen it in person, would like anyones opinion on the silver vs black look option. Thanks
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do you have a picture of the rest of your setup?
The silver has mica flecks in the finish, which when subjected to the subtle EMF field that naturally eminates from the unit, slightly realigns themselves. This realignment creates a halo of protection which not only keeps out inteference but also projects a warmth into the sound path that represents a delicious balance with the otherwise slightly bright signature of the XR55. The resulting sound is still sharp, detail, focused, but sharp like a finely honed sword of folded iron, rather than a chipped razor.

The Silver, by far, is preferred over the black. The difference is night and day, dramatic, unmistakeable, and immediately noticeable.

Edit: what does the rest of your system looks like? But remember to take at most one photograph a month of your system because taking too many pictures of your system dilutes the synergy between the components. The flash shocks the electrons and make them forget where they are. Gives them the deer-in-headlights syndrom, which can't possibly sound good.
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This is a brand new system I am putting in my den. I don't have pictures but my first purchases were 4 B-1's and a C-1 from A Advisor. If anyone lives in the LA area and knows who might be selling these retail please let me know.
Well, if it's a new system then what color is your AV furniture or other stuff in the room? I think black components look nice with dark traditional furniture, but silver looks better with more modern light colored furniture. So if you find yourself browsing Ikea a lot, go for the Silver.

Hopefully you detected the rather heavy sarcasm in LeeLee's first post.:)

IOW, it doesn't matter to the sound. It's simply a matter of personal preference and aesthetics, which is why people are asking to see photos.

I honestly don't like silver and prefer black, but I may also like other things you don't and vice-versa.

But to extend LeeLee's concerns a bit further, just THINKING about your HT would, by quantum physics theory - the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in particular, cause the electrons to shift position.:p
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I should have just taken a poll as I value the opinions here.

What would you buy if buying this receiver..... Silver or Black?
Black is better if you end up going front projection and have the receiver in the front of the room. The less light reflection the better.
Thanks JV that's the kind of info I need.
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