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first, sorry for my poor English....

I have an Xtreamer (fw: 2.5.2), connected via wired lan (with linksys 54gl).

i try to stream from PC (windows 7 ultimate with HaneWin NFS server, on 100full duplex {not auto})

the problem:

When i play some MKV (4GB to 10+ GB) - after 30-40 minutes, the movie is stopped (Few seconds before it happens, the film hobble a few seconds)

in that situation, every MKV file i try to play - is freezing immidately.

only power electric disconnecting , allow me to play the files again, but the issue returns after a few seconds.

when i try to copy some file from PC to XTREAMER (i think it done via SAMBA) - i get only 4-5 MByte/sec - instead of 10-12MB/sec that i get from one pc to other pc in the same network.

(BTW - i have a popcorn a-200 too, and there is no problem with streaming the same files from PC...)

and... i try all the test with all FW version from 2.3.1 to 2.5.2

thank you very much

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