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First i am sorry about my bad english...

I have a problem with streaming over Wired Lan, since i bought the Xtreamer.

i try to stream mkv files (720P/1080P 3GB-10GB) from PC with Windows 7 Ultimate + HaneWin NFS.

NFS settings on xtreamer are correct. (i can see the share folders ".nfs")

When i play some mkv file, after 30-40 minutes, the movie is freezing and if i try to press PLAY again, it stopped again. trying to play other files after freezing - same problem. only shuting down and restart the Xtreamer allow me to play the files again, until it freezing again.

I try to connect the PC to the Xtreamer via Cross cable (without router or hub) - and it happens again.

when i try to copy file (direct connection via cross cable) from PC to Xtreamer - i see that the speed it's only 4-5MB/sec. (while the speed between PC to PC is 10-12MByte/sec)

I realy don't know what can i do more.

Is it possible that i have a problem in my Xtreamer?

Maybe working Windows 7 with Xtreamer (linux) is the problem?

I try to copy files over FTP (Filemozila). i get a good speed (10-12MB/s) for 3-4 seconds and then Xtreamer is CRASHING and i must disconnect electric for restart and turn on.

Please help me

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