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I'll do this bulleted since i have so many problems:

1)this is really annoying. whenever i open a folder with one of my videos in it, an error pops up, cites xvid.ax as the problem, and under further details says something about appcompat.txt. it then closes the whole window and opens everything all over again. it's soooo annoying. also, sometimes after i click close (before it closes the window and takes forever to show the screen) it shows a runtime error. so basically the error comes up, i hit ok, and then it clears the screen and that window.

2)sometimes, it seems after i leave the computer on for a while (bc its fine after a restart and it works for a while after that) the videos are black and it seems like the moving objects (or maybe objects that contrast a lot) have reddish outlines. maybe its something that is triggering it, i don't know

3)this isn't a htpc but i watch a lot of videos on it (i couldn't find a forum for this problem, sorry if this isn't the right one).

4).ive use tons of codecs and nothing makes a diff, running k lite standard codec pack right now.

what should i do? is there anything that will delete all my codecs so i can do a clean install, or is that not even the problem?

thanks sooo much!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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