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XVT553SV sold to friend, now randomly shutting off when watching TV and resetting randomly HELP!

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Hey guys, i just upgraded my TV recently, and sold my old Vizio XVT553SV to my buddy.

I had no problems with the TV before I sold it other then the occasional cycle reset (blinking orange and white light on the logo). He is having a lot of problems with the TV now however. He says it will reset in the middle of watching a movie the TV can just freeze or completely shut itself off and then go into the blinking orange and white logo thing. And also says the screen will freeze up sometimes when watching cable TV.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?

I feel really bad for selling him a TV he is having problems with. Trying to figure it out for him.
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I can't recall if that set had wi-fi or not. If it does, and is trying to update, maybe it's something associated with that?

On another note, you won't find a much better picture than that set had. The full array local dimming is excellent on that set, that's IF you could live with the blooming certain movies had. I couldn't, so I got rid of that, and the next years model as well, the ones that offered 3D.

That's one of the highest rated sets for that year from a lot of reviewers, and that accounts for all brands, not just Vizio. I do recall others having issues with turning on and off for a while, but after a while it had stopped and those of us in that thread chalked it up to an update being forced and not finishing correctly. Do a search on that model and you'll find the proper thread, and ask in there for assistance.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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