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y=4?? i have a problem-can you guys help!?

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Found out from my pre-calibration that my y=4, and color temp was 14600.

If he got the blue out, I was told my y would =2.

Obviously, from what I have learned tonite, my y should be atleast over 10.

(samsung dlp hln617w).

Can anyone explain to me why i have no contrast here..why my y is so low...why there is literally no light coming out of this tv???

Tweeter said they will call me in am with an appointment with a samsung tech, but i figure you guys can tell me more!!

for those who dont know...y is the amount of light coming out of the tv screen (more or less)
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y is not Y. A common error, but still an error. Y is the light output from your display. y is one of the axises of the CIE chart used to measure color.

Without units Y is useless. Is that Y cd/m2 or fL? Was it measured with a pod device or a spectroradiometer?

Assuming that is fL there could be several problems.

1. Your lamp could be bad.

2. Your lamp could be old.

3. Your contrast could be set to low.

Without actually working on your set it is impossible to know which is the case.
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