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Y/Cb/Cr Component Cables???

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Is there a difference between Y/Pb/Pr cables and Y/Cb/Cr cables? I bought a set of component cables and they are Y/Cb/Cr. I used them to connect a Dish Network receiver to an hdtv and everything looks fine. In searching the forum I found that Y/Cb/Cr inputs are for 480i and don't do 480p,720p, or 1081i. Thanks.

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No. They are three metallic conductors jacketed together.
Is there a difference between Y/Pb/Pr cables and Y/Cb/Cr cables?
In the U.S., Y/Cb/Cr designations are almost always misprints. Y/Cb/Cr is a digital method not normally used here. My Toshiba SD-5109 DVD player labels the interlaced outputs Y/Pb/Pr and the progressive Y/Cb/Cr for example. It's just an error as the progressive outputs are indeed Y/Pb/Pr analog.
Thanks for the help!
Could you a 3 cable audio and video for a component connection? I simply need a 3ft connection from my av receiver to my dvd player, and I think $25 plus for a component cable is high.
Actually I found some a little cheaper than that. but was wondering would there be a noticeable picture difference between standard av cables and component.
Ok. so component cables are 75ohm coax cables. Are stereo Audio cables also 75 ohms?
Never mind found the answer in the archives. Don't use RCA audio cables for video, as they're not made to the correct impedance tolerances.
Make that, "may not be the correct impedence". In short lengths, impedence isn't so important though and some Y/R/W cable sets are 75 Ohm anyway. If you have a set already, try it as it may work fine.
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