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Hello everyone, thanks for looking. First time poster, long time lurker.  I got the A830 a few days ago, overall I am very pleased with my purchase but have a few questions and small issues.  First, my setup is as follows- A830, 7 x Polk Audio Monitor 35b's, Polk Audio DSW Pro 550wi. I am very pleased with this semi budget setup, it blows away my previous AV System.  Here is my issue- after setting things up with YPAO in 7.1 configuration and applying Pro Logic IIx for 7.1, my SR/L and SBL/R speakers are barely audible. The set db levels are-

FL= 0.0

Center= -2.0

FR= -0.5

SR= 0.0

SBR= 2.0

SBL- -1.5

SL= 2.5

Sub= 1.0

When I play White Noise, all the speakers sound well balanced(by ear). The Surround Speakers and Surround Back speakers sound equal to the Front's and Center.  What is going on?  Should I adjust the db levels of the problem surround speakers?  Is this the result of PL IIx processing 7.1?


What can I do here?



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