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Thats current avr
I have never liked it from day 1 the gui sux and setup is not intuitive at all ,
sound is lackluster not bad not great, mainly due to its inability to ever complete ypao by this I mean it always finds 1 or more speakers out of polarity
THEY are not , I believe its due to the nature of my speakers which are electrostats yet it also does find the center out of polarity as well (which is not an electrostat)
time for a change so what do I go with ? main amplification is not a problem thats covered by anthem so front power is not a concern BUT preouts are.
going full on atmos PROB wont happen but could so.
Mains: Martin Logan Vantage
center : Martin logan Motion center
rears : ceiling mounted deftech pro 80
Sub is Velodyne SPL12
source Xbone And PC with Bluray
System is 70% MUSIC, 20% Games 10% movies some of which are 3D
Music includes a **** ton of sacd dvda and hirez DL so
ideas,comments and help appreciated

So nice Gui , Preouts, good musicality
1 - 4 of 4 Posts