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Hello. Will appreciate some knowledge here, as I have searched the "Official Yamaha 1030, 2030, & 3030" threads, and others, without finding my answer.

Specifically, just purchased & received this AVR yesterday, and am setting up. Long way to go, but seem to have the basics "acceptable" in the main area. Actually, have a 6.1 setup there. However, I want two speakers out on the adjoining deck to play the same main room content on occasion, but not always. Hence, Zone 2, right?

I think I have the initial setup correct, or at least, it seems to correspond to the manual diagrams, and it appears so on the TV screen. But I get no sound from the intended Zone 2 speakers.

I have the LR wires into the "Ex SP 1" posts, and have followed the illustration on Page 30 (Manual) for 7ch + 1Zone.

But nothing. Hope the answer is related to my inability to follow "obvious" directions, rather than bad channels . . . .

Thanks for any help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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