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Hey guys, apologies if im posting this in the wrong section but im after some opinions on the theatre setup im about to purchase.

Yamaha 310 Slimline System1 X Pair Yamaha NS-F310 Main Speakers1 X Pair Yamaha NS-B310 Surround Speakers1 X Yamaha NS-C310 Centre Speaker1 X Yamaha NS-SW310 Subwooferhttp:// au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/speaker-systems/speaker-packages/310-series/?mode=series#tab=product_lineup

1 X Yamaha RX-A720 A/V Receiver including free Wi-Fi adaptorhttp:// au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/aventage/rx-a720/?mode=model#tab=product_lineup

The section where these will go is approximately 6x6m although the left hand side of the lounge area opens into the dining area as an opening floor plan. Anyone have some input on the quality of the setup and whether it should suit. I might add that im no audiophile by any means but rather after a half decent system

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