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Yamaha 5990 and Blu-Ray/3D

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New to the forums and learning alot. I've got a question about my current setup and then another about some new additions to my system.

My 5990 will accept HDMI connections. I've got a DirecTV HD DVR and a Samsung HD DLP. Currently I run HDMI from the DVR directly to the TV and then fiber audio directly to the Yamaha. This has worked fine for me; I only have a 5.1 speaker setup. I run the 5990 for audio all the time. I know that the 5990 was designed to have the HDMI run to it, then output to the TV. Am I really mising that much with my current setup?

I want to upgrade: Samsung LED 3D TV, and Blu-Ray 3D player. Will I be satisfied with this same setup? I'd have to run the BD HDMI directy to the TV, but I can again run fiber audio to the 5990.

Judging by the age of the 5990 I wouldn't be able to run the 3D BD image through it so I'd have to connect directly to the TV. Is there anything really wrong with running video straight to the TV while audio is sent to the A/V reciever in a 5.1 environment?

Thanks for the input.
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Mods, if this post isn't in the right forum please feel free to move.

Let me reword my question in hopes of getting some advice from you folks. An A/V receiver is designed to take inputs of both audio and video and push them to the TV. Why is it important to connect both audio and video? What am I losing by running audio to the A/V receiver and my video straight to the TV? I'm using 5.1 surround if that matters.

Thanks for the help,

You won't get the true lossless audio using "fibre audio" like you would with HDMI. I believe the Panasonic 3d blu-ray and the most recent Samsung 3d blu-ray have two HDMI outputs that would allow you to connect one hdmi cable to your tv and the other to your receiver for audio. That would be my recommendation.

I have the BDC 6900 Samsung 3d player and it has analogue outputs for up to 7.1 sound instead of the second hdmi, but it is more convenient to just be able to use hdmi.

I'm still new at all this too.
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