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Yamaha 6090 - Watching SW Dvds on my PS3... Where's the DD-EX???

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Just finished hooking up my speakers, (7.1 setup), & now I can't seem to get my surround rear speakers to work.

I know they're plugged in right since the test pattern on my receiver works fine... but if I run the THX optimizer off my SW discs, the surround rear test just comes out of my two side speakers.

I've tried setting my PS3 to bitstream, even tried to output audio through optical instead of HDMI, but still can't get those rear speakers to work. They don't even light up on my receiver. Can the PS3 even output rear channel?

- Receiver is a Yamaha HTR 6090.

P.S: One scene in particular that I've been using to test is in Ep3 right at the begining where Obi & Anakin fly their ships through an explosion.

On my old Pioneer receiver, the sound used to go right behind me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I also made sure that the receiver is set for rear priority & not presence.
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In the case of SW and any other dvd, you need to apply Dolby PrologicIIx to the Dolby Digital/DTS stream for simulated 7.1 surround (DD 5.1 EX is 5.1 with a matrixed rear center). Some Blu-ray discs have a 7.1 soundtrack you can listen to using an HDMI connection.
HDMI + PS3 + Yamaha 6090 = Victory.

(Yes, this is my setup, too.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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