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I'm pretty new to all this stuff so please bear with me
This stuff is confusing as hell

Let me see if I can make myself understood.

I just bought a new LCD HDTV, a new Yamaha Reciever, and Yamaha Upconverting DVD player.


The back of the HDTV has an OPTICAL AUDIO OUT. The Reciever has 2 OPTICAL AUDI INPUTS.

My question:

How do I watch normal TV with the sound going through my AVR? Or do I need to listen to Normal TV programs through the TV speakers?

Should I run my DVD player to my TV via HDMI then run an optical audio to the reciever or do I need to run everything through my reciever via HDMI INPUT then HDMI OUTPUT to the TV? Then run the OPTICAL AUDIO back to the Reciever?

Also, could I use a Digital Audio Coxial form my DVD to AVR along with the HDMI cable?

And, can I use a video cable out to the TV to get my OSD?

Or should I just run everything via Component Cables?

I also run an RF Digital Cable directly to my TV, I have no Cable Box


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What I did is run both my Fios cable box and Blu-Ray player into the AVR via HDMI cables and an HDMI cable from the AVR to the TV. This way all your audio and video will pass thru the AVR and you can just turn off or down the TV speaker and listen to every thing thru the Yamaha AVR.

If later you add anything else you will need to run them to the AVR via component cables and since the Yamaha AVR does not upconvert analog to HDMI you will need to also run from the AVR Component out to the TV comonpent in and you will get everything still running thru the Yamaha.
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